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Image Segment Description
Ernie Says This time on "Ernie Says", Bert has to hold a big cheese that Ernie claims are important for the game, however it makes it hard for Bert to do what Ernie says. After the game, Ernie takes a piece of the cheese as playing makes him hungry.
Muppets Cookie Monster plays a shell game at a carnival, and the prize is a cookie. A cookie is placed under one of three shells, and the carnival barker rearranges them, and has Cookie Monster guess which one it's under. After failing to guess correctly, the carnival barker lets Cookie Monster try it again, this time using only two shells, and Cookie Monster fails to win again. Since Cookie Monster can't have the cookie, he eats the shells.

(First: Episode 3507)

Pattern Grover asks "What comes next?" with a pattern of images, one featuring a kid sitting and one featuring a kid standing.
Muppets The Count is a contestant on "Beat the Time", where today's wacky stunt is to bring back two things that come from the sky before the time runs out. The Count has too much fun counting the seconds, but ends up bringing his thunder and lightning.

(EKA: Episode 1845)
Title card removed

Intro Ernie says that he's happy when you come to play (with a video of a happy kid shown) and he's sad when you don't (showing a sad kid). Ernie tells us to cheer and claims we'll like the next game.
Muppets Ernie and Bert: Ernie and Bert play "the feelings game."

(EKA: Episode 2356)

Move and Groove Grover plays a video of "Clap, Clap, Clap" and tries to join in, but everywhere he goes, an Anything Muppet appears. Once he finds a steady place, the song ends.
Muppets Guy Smiley hosts "Name That Sound!" with contestant, Mr. Honker. Mr. Honker honks when guessing sounds in this game show, but since Guy Smiley can't understand his honks, Mr. Honker brings the objects in. Sounds include a cow (to which he brings in Gladys the Cow), a horse (which he brings in Buster the Horse, accompanied by Forgetful Jones, who forgets whether or not he's a horse), and a fire engine (which Mr. Honker brings, full of honkers).

(EKA: Episode 1957)

Muppets Ernie wears socks on his ears and on his nose in order for Bert to guess which body part he's thinking of.

(EKA: Episode 2163)

Things I Like Ernie, Prairie Dawn, Grover, and Bert all say what they like to do.
Muppets Prairie Dawn plays a game in her home with Cookie Monster, where Cookie must locate a cookie without seeing it. Wearing a blindfold, Cookie is able to identify the cookie, a plate, and a telephone by feeling them, smelling them, and eating them.

(EKA: Episode 3770)

Computer Bert goes over his game choices on the computer when Ernie states that in the pattern he says them in, "Pigeons" comes next. Bert takes that as a request to play "Pigeon Patterns", where he finishes a pattern of purple and green pigeons.
Muppets Grover demonstrates "surprise" with Prairie Dawn in thirty seconds.

(First: Episode 3892)

Pattern Bert asks "What comes next?" in a pattern of images showing a kid smiling and a kid clapping his hands.
Muppets Guy Smiley hosts "What's My Job?" in which blindfolded monster contestants guess the occupations of different professionals, including Sonny Friendly.

(EKA: Episode 2573)
Title card removed

Computer Bert discovers a game where he can make things with oatmeal. He makes a drawing of a duck.
Muppets Ernie has Grover assist him in demonstrating opposites in song, but Grover suffers more than Ernie does.

(EKA: Episode 3780)

Muppets Maria (in voice-over) gives Humphrey, Ingrid, and Baby Natasha 15 seconds to show what between means, but they don't get it right until after the time is up.

(First: Episode 3646)

Play With Me After saying "Play With Me" and having the viewer reply "Sesame", Ernie notes they took turns.
Muppets Ernie & Bert — Ernie is wearing winter gear, and asks Bert to guess what is in his gloves and hat.

(EKA: Episode 1453)

Move and Groove Today, Grover is going to dance to "The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree", making the same noises as the ones in the song. After the song, the rest of the gang arrives and they say goodbye making silly noises.


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