Light Yagami Before Finding The Death Note (Innocent)

Light Yagami is the main protagonist/antagonist of the 2006 anime Death Note.  He begins the series as a 17-year-old intelligent, charismatic, kind student before discovering the Death Note.  However, upon its discovery, he begins to create a delusion of which he claims that he will become a "God Of The New World", a world of where he envisions only certain people would be allowed to survive of his choosing.  Overtime, within the next six years, by the age if 23, he has become a power-hungry, arrogant, bitter, selfish, relentless murderer.  His cockiness led to his discovery and eventual untimely death.  He was voiced by Brad Swaile in the English Dub, and Mamoru Miyano in the Original Japanese.


Light Yagami After Finding The Death Note. (Insane)

Marco (Star Vs The Forces Of Evil)

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