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Lightning Dust is shown to be a vigorous and highly competitive flyer who loves to test her limits. With her strong attitude, speed, and love for flying, she quickly forms a friendship with Rainbow Dash.

However, because of her competitive spirit, Lightning Dust is also very reckless and shows little concern for anyone who becomes a victim of her actions. This is shown when she ignores Rainbow Dash's injury during a team exercise, and again when she brushes off the fact that her tornado put Rainbow Dash's friends in danger and almost got them killed. She also seems to be the only pony to have a bigger ego than Rainbow Dash.

Lightning Dust's recklessness and utter disregard for the safety of others eventually lead to her team leader status being taken away and given to Rainbow Dash.

She is a leader of the team who steals ones technology computers in fall in the plane reformed with of the Miles Taylor's team

Portayed by Meredith Hagner

Lightning Dust played Billy (young) in SunBob ShimmerPants

She plays Legs in Toon Story (Santiago Style)

She is a Mutant Toy

She played Owen Shaw in Fast & Furious franchise


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