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Lightning McQueen as Thomas the Tank Engine (both main characters, kind, heplful and heroes, sometimes stubborn)

Xander Mccormick as Edward the Blue Engine (both handsome, smart, and kind)

John Bennett as Henry the Green Engine (both strong, kind, handsome, honest, and clumsy at times)

Double G as Gordon the Big Engine (both grumpy, full of themselves, serious at times, strong, wear blue and smart)

Triple G as James the Red Engine (both vain)

Hudson as Percy the Small Engine (both Funny, cheeky and Good Friends to Trip and James)

Ted as Toby the Tram Engine (both Handsome and Names Start With T)

Arnold Shortman as Duck the Great Western Engine (both wear green)

Drake and Josh as Donald and Douglas (both are twins)

Pikachu as Oliver the Great Western Engine (both are Westren)

Amos Slade as Devious Diesel (both are evi and Devious)

Apple and Onion as Bill and Ben (both often cause trouble)

Fireman Sam as Boco the Metropolitan Vickers Diesel

Cruella de Vill as Daisy the Diesel Railcar (both main female villains)

Martha Kaply as Mavis the Quarry Diesel (both tomboyish and Names Start With M)

Jimmy Neutron as Stepney the bluebell Engine

Lori Collins as Emily the Emerald Engine (both main females and love John and Henry)

Emma Ross as Molly the Yellow Engine (both kind and girlfriends to Xander Mccormick and Edward the Blue Engine)

Sally Carrera as Rosie the Pink Engine (both beautiful and girlfriends to Lightning and Thomas)

Babe and Kenzie as Annie and Clarabel

Tami-Lynn McCafferty as Henrietta (both close to Ted and Toby)

Piplup as Toad the Brakevan (both best friend to Pikachu And Oliver the great western engine)

Bob the Builder as Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller

Wendy as Lady Hatt (both love Bob the Builder and Sir Topham Hatt)

Dipper and Mabel Pines as Stephen and Bridgette Hatt

Bart Simpson as Bertie the Bus (both start with B, Bertie is a bus, and Bart Rides a skate and wear red)

Dusty Cropphopper as Harold the Helicopter (both can flying)

Kenny Mccormick as Terence the Tractor (both orange)

Jorge Ramirez as Trevor the Traction Engine (both Good friends to Xander and Edward)

Paul as George the Steamroller

Horace and Jasper as Arry and Bert (both cause to much trouble)

Rex as Spencer the Silver Engine (both have neutral personalities and Rivals to John and Henry)

SpongeBob SquarePants as Salty the Dockside Diesel (both Funny, Buck have a Teeth, live around the sea and Names Start With S )

Mr Incredible as Murdoch the Orange (both massive)

Boss Hogg as Bulgy

Roary the Racing Car as Skarloey (both Red, kind, cheerful and small versions of Lightning and Thomas)

Butters Stotch as Rheneas (both nice and good-natured and small versions of Hudson and Percy)

Greg Heffley as Sir Handel/Falcon (both smart, kind, boastful and get into trouble at times)

Kyle Broflovski as Peter Sam/Stuart (both small, cheeky, helpful and Wear Green) Underdog as Rusty (both good natured and Smilar Colours)

Stewie Griffin as Duncan (both Wear Yellow, rude, arrogant, vain and selfish at times, but kind, helpful and selfless)

Uncle Jesse Duke as Duke (both wise)

Jim Douglas as Fearless Freddie (both wise)

Phineas and Ferb as Mighty-Mac

Mr Garrison as The Thin Controller (M-Kay)

Chick hicks as D261 (both green, bad and boastful)

Flex Dexter as Derek the paxman diésel engine

Meowth as The Spiteful Brake Van Plankton as Smudger

Bob The Builder Trucks as Jack and the Pack (All are Constructicons Vechicles)

Jordan as Flying Scotsman (both brothers to Double G and Gordon)

Alpha as S.C Ruffey

Squidward Tentacules as Cranky the Crane (both short tempered at times)

Jimbo Kermey And Dolph as The Horrid Lorries

Penny Peterson as Elizabeth

Lil Lightning as Hector the Horrid (both were Horrid)

Francescco as Stanley (both were rivals to Stan and Thomas at first then later good-friends)

Patrick Star as Billy

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon as Neville

Lizzie as Caroline (both old cars)

Soos Ramriaz as Harvey

Milhouse van Hounten as Fergus

Yogi Bear as Arthur

Auto as Bulstrode

Pauline as Old Slow Coach

Sherman as Whiff

Joey Rooney as Dennis

Mack as Rocky


Episodes (Season 1)

  1. Lightning and Double G
  2. Xander and Double G
  3. The Sad Story of John
  4. Xander, Dub and John
  5. Lightning's Train
  6. Lightning and the Trucks
  7. Lightning and the Breakdown Train
  8. Trip and the Coaches
  9. Troublesome Trucks
  10. Trip and the Express
  11. Lightning and the Guard
  12. Lightning goes Fishing
  13. Lightning, Kenny and the Snow
  14. Lightning and Bart
  15. Tenders and Turntables
  16. Trouble in the Shed
  17. Hudson Runs Away
  18. Food
  19. The Flying Kipper
  20. Whistles and Sneezes
  21. Ted and the Stout Gentleman
  22. Lightning in Trouble
  23. Dirty Objects
  24. Off the Road
  25. Down the Mine
  26. Lightning's Christmas Party

Episodes (Season 2)[1]

  1. Lightning, Hudson and the Coal
  2. Cows
  3. Bart's Chase
  4. Saved from Scrap
  5. Old Iron
  6. Lightning and Chowder
  7. Hudson and the Signal
  8. Arnold Takes Charge
  9. Hudson and Dusty Crophopper
  10. The Runaway
  11. Hudson takes the Plunge
  12. Pop Goes the Amos
  13. Dirty Work
  14. A Close Shave
  15. Better Late Than Never
  16. Drake and Josh
  17. The Deputation
  18. Lightning Comes to Breakfast
  19. Cruella
  20. Hudson' Predicament
  21. The Fireman
  22. Wrong Road
  23. Mung´s Exploit
  24. Ghost Boy
  25. Woolly Bear
  26. Lightning and the Missing Christmas Tree

Episodes (Season 3)[2]

  1. A Scarf for Hudson
  2. Hudson's Promise
  3. Time for Trouble
  4. Double G and the Famous Visitor
  5. Drake's Duck
  6. Lightning Gets Bumped
  7. Lightning, Hudson and the Dragon
  8. Amos Does it Again
  9. John's Forest
  10. The Trouble with Mud
  11. No Joke for Trip
  12. Lightning, Hudson and the Mail Train
  13. Trust Lightning
  14. Martha
  15. Ted's Tightrope
  16. Xander, Jorge and the Really Useful Party
  17. Buzz, Buzz
  18. All At Sea
  19. One Good Turn
  20. Big Characters
  21. Escape
  22. Pikachu Owns Up
  23. Boss Hogg
  24. Heroes
  25. Hudson, Trip and the Fruitful Day
  26. Lightning and Hudson's Christmas Adventure

Episodes (Season 4)[3]

  1. Granpuff
  2. Sleeping Beauty
  3. Bulldog
  4. You Can't Win
  5. Four Little Characters
  6. A Bad Day for Gregg
  7. Kyle and the Refreshment Lady
  8. Trucks
  9. Rock 'n' Roll
  10. Home at Last
  11. Special Beak
  12. Rude Guy
  13. Passengers and Polish
  14. Gallant Old Kid
  15. Underdog to the Rescue
  16. Lightning and Jimmy
  17. Neutron Stops Play
  18. Bowled Out
  19. John and the Elephant
  20. Piplup's Stands By
  21. Bulls Eyes
  22. Lightning and the Special Letter
  23. Paint Pots and Queens
  24. Fish
  25. Special Attraction
  26. Mind that Bike

Episodes (Season 5)[4]

  1. Squidward´s bugs
  2. The Horrid Bullies
  3. A Better View For Double G
  4. Wendy's Birthday Party
  5. Trip and The Trouble With Trees
  6. Double G and The Dug
  7. Bye Paul
  8. Baa
  9. Put Upon Hudson
  10. Ted and The Flood
  11. Haunted John
  12. Double Theeting Trouble
  13. Jimmy Gets Lost
  14. Ted'S Discovery
  15. Something in the Air
  16. Lightning, Hudson and The Old Pauline
  17. Lightning and The Rummors
  18. Pikachu'S Finds
  19. Happy Ever after
  20. Woddy´s Hollyday
  21. A Surprise For Hudson
  22. Make Somone Happy
  23. Busy Goning to Backwards
  24. Stewie Gets Spocked
  25. Underdog and the Boulder
  26. Snow

Episodes (Season 6)edit | edit source

  1. Spongebob'S Secret
  2. Soos to the Rescue
  3. No Sleep for Squidward
  4. A Bad Day for Dusty the Plane
  5. Penny Peterson
  6. The Fogman
  7. Scoop Jumps in
  8. A Friend in Need
  9. It's Only Snow
  10. Twin Trouble
  11. The World's Strongest Amos Hunter
  12. Scaredy Engines
  13. Hudson and the Haunted Mine
  14. Middle Engine
  15. Trip and the Red Balloon
  16. Jack Frost
  17. Dub Takes a Tumble
  18. Hudson's Chocolate Crunch
  19. Buffer Bother
  20. Ted Had a Little Lamb
  21. Lightning, Hudson and the Squeak
  22. Lightning the Jet Engine
  23. Xander the Very Useful Teenage Boy
  24. Dunkin Stewie
  25. Underdog Saves the Day
  26. Faulty Whistles

Episodes (Season 6)

Episodes (Season 7)