Lilly is Kate's sister and Garth's mate in Alpha & Omega


As Peg in Brainy & The Krypto

She is a dog

As Charmer in The Animals Of Animation Wood

She is a vixen

As Sunni Gummi in The Adventures Of The Gummi Canines

She is a bear cub

As Peaches in Forest Age 4: Continental Drift

She is a 13 year old mammoth

As Mic the Microphone in November

She is a villainous pony.

As Tom and Phil in Fourscore: Polar's Wild Adventure (Awesome Me 2)

They are Minions who look alike.

As Alice in Lilly In Wonderland

She is a girl

As Fluttershy in My Little Pet Animal: Friendship is Magic

She is a Pony

As Pearl in the Todbob Foxpants Movie

She is a whale


Lilly appears in Furries (Minions Parody) as one of the Minions.




  • Husband - Garth
  • Son - Jared
  • Daughters - Star and Dori
  • Sister - Kate
  • Brother in Law - Humphrey and Nars
  • Nephews - Stinky, Runt and Fleet
  • Niece - Claudette, Magril
  • Father - Winston
  • Mother - Eve
  • Father in Law - Tony


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