Lily is a frog from LeapFrog. She is a talking female frog with adorable eyes and eyelashes. In a different appearance, she has a bow, a purple shirt with flowers on it, and pink pants. She was voiced by Kelsey Lally in 1999-2001, Lana Whittington in 2001-2002 (briefly), Britt McKillip in 2001 (only in The Birthday Surprise), Tosha Schmidt [singing] (2 books) in 2001, Cristina Milizia in 2002-03, Anne Marie Nestor (2003; 2 books), Sandy Fox in 2003-2005, Kate Higgins in 2005-2008, Dorothy Elias-Fahn in 2009-13, and is currently voiced by Kira Tozer.


She Played Annie in Little Animal Einsteins

She is Leo's Sister

She Played Lil Deville in The Animals Movie and Animals Go Wild

She is a twin sister

She Played Snow White in Lily White and the Seven Men

She is a princess

She Played Smurfette in The Little Frog

She is a mermaid

She Played Sawyer in Frogs Don't Dance

She is a white cat

She Played Smurfette in Lilyrella

She is a princess

She Played Princess Jasmine in Leapladdin

She is an Arabian princess

She Played Alice in Lily in Wonderland (1951)

She is a girl

She Played Olivia Flaversham in The Great Sloth Detective

She is a mouse

She Played Sandy Cheeks in The LeapBob FrogPants Movie

She is a squirrel

She Played Wendy Darling in Sylvester Pan

She is a girl

She Played Princess Aurora in Sleeping Frog

She is a princess

She Played Lady in Lily and the Leap

She is a dog

She Played Princess Mindy in The TimmyBob TurnerPants Movie

She is a mermaid

She Played Marlene in The Invertebrates of Madagascar

She is an otter


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