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Lincoln Loud (born 2005) is the main protagonist of The Loud House.


Voice Actors (English)

  • Grant Palmer
  • Collin Dean
  • Tex Hammond
  • Asher Bishop

Lincoln Loud played Mowgli in The Jungle Book (CyberChaseZoneFilms2010 Style) and The Jungle Book (1967; Davidchannel's Version)

He is a man cub.

Lincoln Loud played Woody in Animation Story (Casual Humanoid Style), Belgium Story (LastofPvP and Enconariz-64 Style), Belgium Story 2 (LastofPvP and Enconareriz-64 Style) and Cartoon Story (Lincoln Loud&Ronnie Anne's Channel Style)

Lincoln Loud played Astro Boy in Lincoln Boy (Astro Boy)

He is a robot boy.

Lincoln Loud played Sherman in Mr. Classified and Sherman

He is a boy

Lincoln Loud played Spongebob in The LinclonBob LoudPants Movie

Role In Power Rangers: Catscratch Fury

Lincoln Loud played Spongebob in LincolnBob LoudPants

Lincoln Loud played Aladdin in Lincolnladdin

Lincoln Loud played Horton the Elephant in Lincoln Hears a Sausage

Lincoln Loud played Shrek in Lincoln Loud (Shrek)

Lincoln Loud played Diego (Go, Diego, Go!) in Ronnie The Explorer (BeautifulandWonderful Style) and Go, Lincoln, Go!:

Lincoln Loud played Young Tod in The Lincoln and the Clyde

He is a red fox cub

Lincoln Loud played Timon in The Autobot King

He is a meerkat

Lincoln Loud played Serge X in The Grand Equestria Hotel

Lincoln Loud played Quasimodo in The Loud of Notre Dame & The Loud of Notre Dame II

He is a Hunchback

Lincoln Loud played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars (Amzy Yzma)

He is a Jedi

Lincoln Loud played Tim Murphy in the Jurassic Park (Davidchannel's Version) Series

He is a boy

Role in the Musczam (Shazam) series

Lincoln himself (along with his cosplay of Ace Savvy) fulfill the role of Billy Batson while Kinnikuman aka King Muscle fulfill the role of Shazam.

Role in the Ace Savvy (Spider-Man) series

He as himself, along with his cosplay as his favorite Superhero named Ace Savvy, take on the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the Ace Savvy takes on certain Spider-Man adaptations while also implementing original storylines.

Portrayed Patrick Bubley in Cold Case Toonime (Rotten Seeds Production)

S3E06 Saving Patrick Bubley, the last of the Bubley brothers which Det. Rush must save him from the bad things like what happened to his biggest brothers and to make sure that she'll prevent him from taking the mistakes in life unlike what his brothers did. He will be seen his 4 big brothers ghost in their school gate waving back at them (younger version of him was portrayed by his friend Liam).

He played Darius Bowman in Wild Animal World: Camp Animalia (Otto Gameplay13's version)

In Other Media

He is also appeared on the teaser on one of the song of the said game, together with his sister Lisa Loud, while playing the maracas, an old fashioned blue car appeared then Lisa told Lincoln that whatever bothers her, it is scientifically annoying, but Lincoln told her this line "Life isn't going to come knocking at your door". Lisa stopped playing asking Lincoln what he is talking about, but Lincoln continues to talk (this time fronting the viewers) telling these lines: "You gotta know what I'am talking on the new Just Dance, All You Gotta Do Is Just Dance". Even though she's confused she keeps playing the maracas. (Later revealed as Havana)
  • He also take the part as the coach for the song Keep In Touch by JD McCrary on Just Dance 2020
However, he was the one who teases the song High Hopes where he will be seeing walking on the skyscraper windows (just like what Brendon Urie did to the official video of the song).

Befriended from other series

  1. Yaarp (Lilo and Stitch)