Youtubescratch Wiki - Lincoln Loud

Lincoln loud as robin hood

Ronnie anne santiago by cruelladevil84-db0luds

Ronnie Anne Santiago as maid marian

Clyde McBride

Clyde McBride as little john

Nigel transparent rio

Nigel as Prince John


Cheatsy koopa as sir hiss

Sulley (Sullivan) in Monsters, Inc

Sulley as Friar tuck

Leonard-the-angry-birds-movie-49 1

Leonard as the sheriff of Nottingham

Peppa-Mint World Vacation

Peppa-mint as lady kluck

Rocky (Chicken Run)

Rocky as Alan-a-dale

Manny in Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Manny as otto

Lola Bunny as Cheer Bear

Lola bunny as Mother rabbit


Katsuma as skippy rabbit


Berry Rabbit as Sis rabbit


Buttercream sundae as tagalong rabbit

Sultan, Whisker Haven

Sultan as toby turtle

Scratch and Grounder (1)

Scratch and grounder as nutsy and trigger

King Triton

King triton as King richard

Professor Ratigan

Ratigan as tournament crocodile

Oscar in Shark Tale

Oscar as Sexton mouse

Angie in Shark Tale

Angie as little sister mouse

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