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TDI Lindsay's Audition Tape


Lindsay is one of the main characters and Tyler's love interest in Total Drama.

Lindsay played Princess Kida in Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Uranimated18 Version) and Atlantis 2: Tyler's Return

She is the Princess of Atlantis

Lindsay played Chel in The Road to El Dorado (TheFoxPrince11 Style)

She is a Native Woman

Lindsay played the Golden Harp in Owen and the Beanstalk

She is a Golden Harp

Lindsay played Timothy Q. Mouse in Jake (Dumbo)

She is a Mouse

Lindsay played Princess Anna in Frozen (Uranimated18 Version)

She is a Princess

Lindsay played Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (Uranimated18 Style)

She is a Girl

Lindsay played Snow White in Lindsay White and the Seven Animal Friends

She is a Princess

Lindsay played Chris in The Brave Little Fox

She is Rob's Girlfriend

Lindsay played The Blue Fairy in Leapnocchio

She is a fairy

Lindsay played Tillie the Hippo in Gods Don't Dance

She is a hippopotamus

Lindsay played Maid Marian in Tyler Hood

She is a vixen

Lindsay played Grandmother Fa in Mindylan

She is a grandmother

Lindsay played Princess Mindy in The RobinBob HoodPants Movie

She is a Mermaid

Lindsay played Princess Jasmine in Tylerladdin

She is an Arabian Princess

Lindsay played Megara in Tylercules

She is a Goddess

Lindsay played Wendy Darling in Kronk Pan

She is a Girl

Lindsay played Ariel in The Little Blonde Girl

She is a Mermaid

Lindsay played Belle in Beauty and the Hyena

She is a French Girl

Lindsay played Alice in Lindsay in Wonderland

She is a British Girl

Lindsay played Mulan in Lindsaylan

She is a Chinese Princess

Lindsay played Princess Tiana in The Princess and the Aardvark

She is a Princess

Lindsay played Drizella in Orianarella

Lindsay played Marlene in The Things of Madagascar

She is an Otter

Lindsay played Tiger Lily in Tyler Pan

She is an Indian

Lindsay played Robyn Starling in Sid and Flap: The Movie

She is a Girl

Lindsay played Dora Marquez in Lindsay the Explorer

She is a Girl

Lindsay played Disgust in Inside Out (Oriana160 Style)

She is a Green Emotion

Lindsay played Cinderella in Lindsayrella (Uranimated18)

She is a Princess

Lindsay Played Vanessa Bloome in Rabbit Movie

She is a Florist

Lindsay Played Kai-Lan in Ni Hao, Lindsay

She is a Girl

Lindsay Played D.W. Read in Peter Pan (Arthur)

She is an Aardvark

Lindsay Played Tanta Kringle in Timmy Claus is Coming to Town

She is a Wise Queen

Lindsay Played Mary Poppins in Lindsay Poppins

She is a Nanny

Lindsay played Peter Pan in Lindsay Pan

Lindsay played Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Jared1994 Style), Star Wars: The Last Jedi (Jared1994 Style), and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (Jared1994 Style)

She is a scavenger girl who became a Jedi.

Lindsay played as Ginger in Character Run

She is a Chicken.