This is a list of VHSs of Thomas (Arthur).


  • Thomas Cracks the Case
  • Thomas Gets Along
  • Thomas Gets Lost (VHS)
  • Thomas Gets Spooked (VHS)
  • Thomas Goes to Hollywood
  • Thomas Goes to the Doctor
  • Thomas Makes the Team (video)
  • Thomas Writes a Story (VHS)
  • Thomas Saves The Day
  • Thomas' Baby Coach (VHS)
  • Thomas' Best Friends
  • Thomas' Best School Days
  • Thomas' Birthday (VHS)
  • Thomas' Celebration
  • Thomas' Chicken Pox (VHS)
  • Thomas' Eyes (VHS)
  • Thomas' First Sleepover (VHS)
  • Thomas' Great Summer
  • Thomas' Mystery Files
  • Thomas' New Dalmatian (VHS)
  • Thomas' Pet Business (VHS)
  • Thomas' Pet Follies
  • Thomas' Scary Stories
  • Thomas' School of Hard Knocks
  • Thomas' Storybook
  • Thomas' Tasty Treats
  • Thomas' Tooth (video)
  • Rosie's Blankie (VHS)
  • Rosie, the Picky Eater (VHS)
  • The Good Sport (VHS)
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