Little Boy Blue

Little Boy Blue is a character in Wee Sing King Cole's Party.

Mary, Jack, and Jill sing the "Little Boy Blue" song while they search for Blue. They find him fast asleep under the haystack.

They wake him up, and he blows his horn really loud making Mary, Jack, and Jill laugh.

When Blue sees them, he says "Hi," and they say "Hi, Blue." Blue asks Mary what took her and Jack and Jill so long, and Mary says, "Jack and Jill, the hill, you know."

Mary asks Blue, "Did you find someone to watch over your cows and sheep while your gone?" and Blue says, "The Farmer in the Dell so that he'd keep an uh, you have to watch them every minute you know." Jack asks Blue what Blue is taking to the king, and Blue shows his golden horn. Mary asks, "But how will you call your sheep and cows?" and Blue says, "I'll just call them."

"Here, sheep. Come here, cows. That's what I do anyway. I never really play the horn. It just makes me look important."

Mary agrees and she, Blue, Jack, Jill say "What special presents for Old King Cole. A golden horn. And white wool mittens. In the pail a tiny kitten. All wrapped up in my warm yellow blanket." After saying that, Mary and Jack and Jill grab Blue and start their journey toward the castle.

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