This is what YouTube should have done. This should have been uploaded onto YouTube on December 12, 2012, in which celebrated 31 years.


  • FBI Warning
  • Coming Attractions Bumper
  • My girl -Trailer (My Girl trailer in Bridge to Terabithia style)
  • Little Giants 2: The Har-Bowl Trailer
  • Little Rascals Movie Trailer
  • Matilda (Movie trailer for Matilda for Tournament of Minds by Christopher Petersen)
  • Twilight Sparkle and Pooh's Adventures of The Muppet Movie Trailer
  • The Magic School Bus: The Movie Trailer (Fan-Made Parody)
  • Mikayla's Words Sing-Along Songs - Mickey, Donald and Goofy "Friendship" trailer
  • Stay Tuned for a Behind the Scenes Look at Live Action Toy Story Bumper
  • Feature Presentation
  • Celebrating 31 Years of A Chipmunk Christmas (1981-2012) Bumper
  • Live Action A Chipmunk Christmas Intro - Don't Forget to Watch the Movie (My Version)
  • Live Action A Chipmunk Christmas (Full TV Special)
  • "Behind the Scenes of Live Action Toy Story" featurette
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