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Lonnie is the marching band leader in Freshwater High.

Personal Life

When Milo wanted to be in band, he signed up for band tryouts. At the line for the tryouts, Milo noticed that Lonnie the band leader was a tough judge. Hoodie told Milo Lonnie has been that way ever since the Freshwater marching band got 3rd place in the All-County Band-Off. Milo played his kazoo in the tryouts, although Lonnie rejected Milo. Lonnie announced that tryouts were over, and that no one will play music that year. This made Milo start a band with Oscar and Bea. However, that didn't last too long, since Lonnie and the marching band found Milo playing music after being told not to. Lonnie revealed that he was actually a "villain", and he got rid of Milo's band equipment. When Milo got out of the music room, every student that didn't make the tryouts told Milo that Lonnie doesn't let them play instruments, not even after class. Milo still played his kazoo, not giving up. His kazoo playing annoyed Lonnie, so Lonnie ordered the marching band to get rid of Milo's kazoo. They did so, and at band practice, the marching band noticed their instruments were covered with honey, which was done by Milo for revenge. This made Lonnie extremely angry. Lonnie confronted Milo, and knowing he'll never give up playing an instrument, Lonnie challenged Milo, Oscar, and Bea to a "Battle of the Bands" against Lonnie and the marching band. They agreed that if Lonnie wins, no one will be playing music forever, and if Milo wins, Lonnie will allow everyone to play an instrument. With the help of the other students who didn't make the band tryouts, Milo succeded beating Lonnie and the marching band, much to Lonnie's dismay ("Banned Band").


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