Lord Drakkon[1] was an evil Power Ranger who controls the Black Dragon and battles the Power Rangers. He is the cruel older version of Tommy Oliver from an alternate reality who rules his Earth with an iron fist from a dystopiac and futuristic Angel Grove.

About Him

He's also known as Mysterious Ranger and an evil counterpart of Tommy Oliver. He became more powerful than ever before, he can command the Ranger Sentries and join to the good side after he defeats Dark Kahn while saving Adagio's Life and he joins the Freedom Squad.


He plays Darth Vader in Star Wars (Mirai Forever2017 Style)

He's a Sith Lord/Anti-Jedi

He plays Kylo Ren in Star Wars (Mirai Forever2019 Style)

He's a Sith Lord/Anti-Jedi

He appeared in The Rise of Lord Drakkon and The Wrath of Lord Drakkon

Using the role of an Antagonist Hero/Protagonist Villain

He plays Ragear in Fish & Superheroes (Sheep & Wolves)

He's a Blue Wolf

He plays Gark in Sheep & Wolves: Pig Deal (Systariansrule2024 Style)

He's a Dark Wolf

He plays Shao Kahn in Mortal Kombat (Systarianrule2024 Style)

He's a Konquer of Realms

He plays Sulley in Humans, Inc. (Systarianrule2024 Style) and Humans University (Systarianrule2024 Style)

He's a Monster


Joining on the good side of the heroes.



  • He's called a Mysterious Ranger
  • He is the older version of Tommy Oliver
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