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Lucifer the tough cat

Lucifer is Lady Tremaine's pet cat in Cinderella.

As Felicia in The Great Rider Detective and The Great Meerkat Detective

he is a cat.

As Tick-Tock Crocodile in Kermit Pan

He is a crocodile.

As Chaos 0 in Dumbo X (AKA Sonic X)

He is a Liquid Monster

As Joanna in The Rescuers Down Under (Princess Rapunzel's Style)

He is a lizard.

As Dragon the Cat in The Secret of NIMH (Nikkdisneylover8390 Human Style)

He is a farmer cat.

As Stitch in D.W. and Lucifer

He is an alien-like dog.

As Hank in Taran and Wart

He is Alvin Kingsworth's cat.

As The Magic Mirror in Isabella White and the Seven Birds

He is a mirror.

As Bones the Cat in Jiminy Returns

He is a cat.

As Ferdinand in Stitch and Conker: The Movie and Snoopy and Woodstock The Movie

He is a dog.

As Cheshire Cat in D.W. in Wonderland

He is a cat.

As Grumpy in Sandy White and the Seven Animals

He is a dwarf.

As Quasimodo in The Black Cat of Notre Dame

He is a hunchback.

As Dumbo in Lucifer (Dumbo)

He is a circus elephant

As Kaa in The Circus Book

He is a snake