Lucius bears a great resemblance to Akame from the Ginga series

Lucius is a 21 year old white Shirojin (Augustians inhabiting the northern Hiroshima island of Yuki Goku which was based on Hokkaido) Wolf-man Ronin and he is a member of the Band of the Bear.

Lucius was a Descendant of the Benevolent Augustian (Based upon Roman) Emperor Flavius Octavianus before his people went underground and fought back against the orcs (Becoming the Hédeauese based upon the french, the Giocimese based upon italians, Rejuñans based upon spanish, Dulçaomites based upon portuguese, Dacebalans based upon the romanians, the Ghujulians based upon the Corsicans, the Monserratians based upon catalonians, the Peiranites based upon the occitan, the Xurcoans based upon the Galicians, the Prąnczesians in Kraków, the Lünerians in Lüdenreich, Vaykio-Aislanders, the Cagliari based upon Sardinians, the Delmatians based upon the Dalmatians, the Parsemolans based upon the Venetians, the Abwadhi in the Al-Rashidan empire, the Dumeni based upon the Romansch and the Yabani in Evren which is part of the Al-Rashidan empire) and fled outwards (Becoming the Shirojin, the Dalengardians, the Almarians in Einherbjorn, the Bai Ren in Changan, the Hinsaek-saram in Hanjeol, the Anamosa tribe in Numendór, the Lashkaristani in Baburistan which is part of the Al-Rashidan empire and the Lisboguese in southern Yurikevia). 

In the city of Kufairet in Nefekhara, he saw an Abwadhi woman named Maria, they hugged together and sob quietly (Making the reunion of the long lost Augustians).

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