Ludo (Wildernuts).png

He is Playful! Enthusiastic! Cheeky! Pragmatic!

Likes: Helping onboard the ship

Dislikes: Losing his memory

Favourite Song: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

The exuberant Ludo is first to dig in whenever something needs to be done (although if he overexerts himself he has to have a quick nap in the rigging to recharge his batteries!). When not helping out aboard ship, Ludo is usually the first to disembark, friendly, fearless and eager to discover pastures new. He has a great memory and can recall the names of many plants and animals with ease.

Being the ship’s handyman, Ludo’s area of expertise is all about the usefulness of natural materials. He sometimes needs to be reminded that not everything in nature is there for the taking, so it’s a good job Ludo always listens carefully when the Wildernuts meet interesting creatures from different parts of the Island.

The rest of the crew love Ludo, even if his boundless energy can sometimes be a little exhausting. His down-to-earth common sense contrasts with the wild imagination of Tuchi, and the two of them often argue about things, although they remain the best of friends. Ludo has an enormous admiration for Cap’n Quilty, but that doesn’t always mean he follows his example.

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