• (at night time on a rainy day, Thomas returns home, carrying the wounded females inside Annie and Clarabel, his nine freight cars, and caboose, while the females are moaning and groaning)
  • Female 1: Oh, I never thought I'd live to see the big top fall.
  • Female 2: Because of that Lumpy, I never can show my face there again.
  • Female 3: Oh, look at my beautiful limbs!
  • Female 4: I'd just like to spank the daylights out of him and... Ohh, Ohh, Oooohhh!!!
  • Female 5: Oh, that won't be necessary dearie, they fixed him good.
  • Female 6: What do you mean?
  • Female 7: Wh-What did they do?
  • Female 8: Did they beat him?
  • Female 9: What is it, darling?
  • Female 10: Tell us.
  • Female 11: Come, come, I demand to know!
  • Female 12: Oh. Well, they've gone and made him. Oh dear, I just can't say it.
  • Female 13: Out with it!
  • Female 14: Made him a clown.
  • Female 1: A Clown?
  • Female 2: No?
  • Female 3: Yes.
  • Female 4: Oh, the shame of it. Let us take the solemn vow. From now on, he is no longer a heffalump.
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