• Stuart Little: (as he and Percy walk over to a cage) Oh. Right over there. Cozy little place, ain't it?
  • Lumpy: Yeah, it is. (lifts Stuart Little)
  • Snowbell: Kiki. I hope she's in. (whistles) Someone to see ya. (Kiki walks forward and sees Lumpy, waving to her)
  • Chorus: (piano plays) Out among the stars I sail, Way beyond the moon. In my silver ship I sail, In a dream that ended too soon. Now I know exactly who I am and what I'm here for, And I will go sailing no more. All the things I thought I'd be, All the brave things I've done. Vanish like a snowflake, With the rising of the sun. Never more to sail my ship, Where no man has gone before, And I will go sailing no more. But no, it can't be true, I could fly if I wanted to. Like a bird in the sky, If I believed I could fly, Why, I'd fly. I would fly, If I tried, I could Fly. Clearly I would go sailing no more, I will sail no more. (as Lumpy, Stuart, and Snowbell leave, Kiki waves goodbye to them)
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