• (Snowbell and suddenly feels drunk, singing 'Well, I knew a farmer. And I knew him very well, and he had some kind of an animal. The farm was really... Pithy!')
  • Lumpy: Now that was tasty, wasn't it? (he, Stuart, and Snowbell hiccup)
  • Stuart and Snowbell: Yeah, it sure was. (laugh) Balloonies. Hiya, George. (hug into a bubble, that he think that it looks like, but when they slip, they whistle when they ride some bubbles, and walk with Lumpy, while they're drunk) Whee! (laugh)
  • Stuart Little: That's a pretty schstrick schlick.
  • Snowbell: Yeah. All right, Lumpy. Let's see ya blow a square one, pal.
  • Lumpy: Okey Dokey, laddy. (blows a square bubble)
  • Stuart Little: Say, that's very, very clever. Now blow a great big one.
  • Lumpy: Well, okay. (blows a great big bubble, which flies up in the sky, but turns into a pink elephant, who dances in front of Lumpy, surprising him)
  • Snowbell: That's a good shape. Hey! (realizes when some goons appear) Guys! (hides with Stuart and Lumpy)
  • Stuart Little: Do you see what I see? (the Pink Elephants on Parade plays as Stuart and Lumpy back away in panic, before an explosion surprises the three animals by scaring them away)
  • Chorus: (various shots from our heroes are shown with the villains marching and dancing) Look out! Look out! Pink elephants on parade. Here they come! Hippety hoppety. They're here, and there, Pink elephants ev'rywhere! Look out! Look out! They're walking around the bed, On their head, Clippety cloppety. Arrayed in braid, Pink elephants on parade! What'll I do? What'll I do? What an unusual view!
  • Elephant 1: I could stand the sight of worms, And look at microscopic germs, But technicolor pachyderms, Is really much for me.
  • Elephant 2: I am not the type to faint, When things are odd or things, are quaint. But seeing things you know that ain't, Can certainly give you an awful fright! What a sight!
  • Chorus: Chase 'em away! Chase 'em away! I'm afraid need your aid, Pink elephants on parade! Hey hey hey, Pink elephants! Pink elephants! Pink elephants...
  • (This goes on forever until an explosion goes off and fades out followed by Spring Song by Felix Mendelssohn)
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