• Scuttle, Woody Woodpecker, Jeremy, Owl, and Rocky Rhodes: Let's go, let's go, heave ho, heave ho. (Repeat all over)
  • Stuart Little: Let's go, Percy. Come on now. Up, down. Up, down. Heave ho. One, two, One, two. One, two. Heave ho. Faster, faster. Get up flyin' speed. Retract your landing gear. Raise your fuselage. Take off. (smoke covers everyone as Stuart and Snowbell cough)
  • Snowbell: Aw, it's no use, Lumpy. I guess it's just another one of their-- (looks down) Look! Hot diggity!
  • Stuart Little: Why, it's true. You're flyin'. You're flyin'! (Lumpy flies)
  • Rocky Rhodes: Uh, why, he flies just like an eagle.
  • Woodpecker: That's better than a airplane.
  • Scuttle: Brother, now I've seen everything. "But I be done seen about everything, When I see a Small Engine Fly." (the eight heroes fly onto a telephone pole)
  • Woody Woodpecker: With the wings.
  • All: "When I see a Heffalump fly." (laugh)
  • Stuart Little: Lumpy, I knew you could do it!
  • Snowbell: Yeah, wait'll we get to the big town.
  • Scuttle: Boy, them city folks is sure in for a surprise. (the heroes all laugh again)
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