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M.E.R.C is a robo-ostrich on Miles from Tomorrowland.


Official Disney Bio

Miles' best friend is a robo-ostrich M.E.R.C. (a Mechanical Emotionally Responsive Creature). Programmed to have feelings and fully loaded with an extensible neck and rocket boosters he's do anything to keep Miles safe!


  • Extendable Neck: M.E.R.C.'s neck can extend to a great length, useful to view things from a high angle or give his friends a group hug.
  • Rocket Boosters: While real ostriches cannot fly, M.E.R.C. is one that can with the use of rocket boosters. When in flight, M.E.R.C.'s holograpich wings can morph into cylinder rocket jets. When in Galactech mode, his wings will morph into triangular prism shaped rocket jets.
  • Holo Shields: When in danger, M.E.R.C.'s holographic wings can morph into shields strong enough to withstand a rock slide.
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Body: M.E.R.C. has the ability to make his body glow in the dark, making him a useful source of light during extremely dark operations. M.E.R.C. first received this ability from Admirals Watson and Crick in "Attack of the Flickorax".
  • Heat Resistance: Miles mentions that M.E.R.C's body is capable of resisting high temperatures.
  • Heat Blasters: In Galactech Mode, M.E.R.C. can shoot heat blasters from his wings.
  • Sonic Squawk: In "Galactech: The S'Leet Heist" Miles showed that M.E.R.C. can produce a sonic squawk.

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He is a Camel.

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He is a Robot.