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Mabel Pines is a female character from Gravity Falls. She can fly, has agility and speed. She can also transform into her winged form with the help from the 7 chaos emeralds (Sometimes high friendship)

Mabel played Ty in Mabel the Slightly Older Sister

Mabel played Tak in Mabel And The Power of Magic

Mabel played Bayonetta in Mabelnetta and Mabelnetta 2

Mabel played Yoshimitsu in Tekken series (Fantasy style)

Mabel played Hans Moleman in The Hubsters: Hit N Run

Mabel played Dora in Mabel the Explorer

Mabel played Peter Pan in Mabel Pan

She is a flying boy

Mabel played Luke Skywalker in Star Wars (PrinceAdamRockz style)

Mabel played Lilo in Mabel & Cheezi (2002)

Mabel played Donkey Kong in Mabel Kong Country series

Mabel played Sunset Shimmer in Gravity Falls: My Past is Not Today, My Little Star: Friendship Games

Mabel played Blossom in Team Heart Power (The Powerpuff Girls)

Mabel played Vanellope von Schweetz in Wreck-It Dudley Puppy:

Mabel played Luna in Animated Toon 5D's

She played Lexine (Sesame Street) in Sesame Street (DaveGrrrrrrruly)