Mac Foster (Stanley)- Poster
GavenLovesAnimals' TV-spoof of Stanley.


  • Mac Foster (FHFIF) as Stanley Griff
  • Simba (The Lion King) as Dennis
  • Boog (Open Season) as Harry
  • Fuli (The Lion Guard) as Elsie
  • Terrence (FHFIF) as Lionel Griff
  • Homer and Marge Simpson (The Simpsons) as Mark and Joyce Griff
  • Joy and Sadness (Inside Out) as Mimi and Marci
  • Adam Lyon (MGPAM) as Lester Goldberg
  • ??? as Mrs. Diaz
  • ??? as The Great Big Book of Everything
  • ??? as Mr. Goldberg
  • ??? as Max
  • ??? as Theresa Kirby


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