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Madame Medusa is the main villain in The Rescuers.

She played Morgana in The Little Lady 2: Return to the Sea

She is a sea witch

She played Elvira Parker in Deadly Friend (RJvernel Style)

She is Conway's nasty neighbor

She played The Old Hag in Jessie White and the Seven Muppets

She is a witch

She played June in Avatar The Last Airbender Coolzdane Style

She is an bounty hunter

She played Yzma in The Outback's New Groove The Warrior's New Groove The Warrior's New Groove 2: Southern Wolf's New Groove and The Warrior's New School

She is an evil woman

She played the Fairy Godmother in Yogi (Shrek)

She is a fairy godmother

She played The Queen of Hearts in Eilonwy in Wonderland

She is a queen

She played Aunt Spiker in Taran and the Giant Peach

She is a skinny old woman

She played Lady Tremaine in Annarella

She is a stepmother

She played The Queen of Arendelle in Frozen (Cbismarck's Kid Version)

She is a queen

She played Aunt Figg in Top Cat and Bernard: The Movie

She is an aunt

She played Gingerbread Witch in Anna & Elmo

She is a witch in the Gingerbread House.

She played The Queen in Eilonwy White and the Seven Animals

She is an evil queen

She played Ursula in The Little Mer-Dog and The Little Jewish Mexican Girl

She is a sea witch

She played Zira in The Hero King 2: Simba's Pride

She is an angry, evil lioness

She played Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty (CityMaker Style)

She is an evil fairy

She played Judge Judy in Judge Medusa

She is a judge



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