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Madeline, also known by her full name Madeline Fogg, is the main protagonist and title character of the Madeline series and books.


Madeline is the shortest in her class, standing several inches beneath the others. She has black eyes and fair skin, with short, red hair framing her face and cut above her shoulders. Like the others, she wears a blue dress with white accent and a yellow hair ribbon, or a yellow dress with white gloves, collar and socks, worn with a yellow hat that has a black ribbon on it to match her shoes.


Despite her small, size, Madeline is the bravest among her classmates. This has been shown through several instances, such as standing before a tiger and simply saying "Pooh, Pooh!", or proudly showing her appendix scar to the others while recuperating at a hospital. In spite of her small stature and apparent innocence, Madeline has a penchant for mischief, often making Miss Clavel nervous of her and the other students' well-being, though this has considerably been toned down in the animated series, being portrayed as more proper and obedient. While initially indifferent if not outright hostile towards Pepito at first, the two did develop an amicable relationship afterwards. Madeline is well-liked by the other girls, due to her ability to take Madeline is very fit and athletic for a girl of her age, capable of performing handstands, cartwheels and backflips with ease. She has also shown to have excellent balance. Madeline is the most talented ice skater in her class.



  • Originally, Madeline was not portrayed as an orphan. Madeline's portrayal as an orphan in the 1998 film and Lost In Paris may have led to this misconception. It should also be noted that many fans consider the 1998 live-action movie to be a standalone film–thus making it non-canon with the animated series. Also, Madeline was the only known orphan in the school.
  • She and Yvette seem to have an on-and-off rivalry. This was seen particularly in the episode "Madeline and the Show Off" during the third season of The New Adventures of Madeline.
  • Madeline's last two voice actresses, Andrea Libman and Chantal Strand, voiced two girl characters in the TV series Dragon Tales (as Emmy and Cassie, ). Both actresses also voiced characters in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • In Madeline's Birthday at the Zoo, seven candles are seen on her birthday cake. In Madeline and the Ice Skates, ten candles are seen. Interestingly Birthday at the Zoo is depicted in warm weather while Ice Skates is depicted in the wintertime.
  • Madeline has two favorite colors: yellow (as stated in Madeline's Birthday at the Zoo) and blue (as stated in Madeline and the Show-off).
  • She plays the violin in Madeline and the Old Violin and Madeline and the Ice Skates.
  • Madeline is little bit more smaller then the other Twelve Little Girls
  • Madeline is clever, and smart.