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He is a Wolf in Sheep And Wolves.



He played as King Triton in The Little Mer-Muffin

He is a merman

He played as Nemo's Grandfather in Finding Grey Jr.

He is a clownfish

He played The Jungle Book (Systariansrule2024 Style)

He is a same wolf

He played as Ben Kenobi in Star Wars (Vinnytovar Style)

He is a Jedi Master

He played as Khampa in Rock Wolf (Vinnytovar Style)

He is the Tibetan Mastiff

He played as Linden Braven in GREYVEN (Braven)

He played as Alan Keith in Miles: All Is By My Side (Jimi: All Is By My Side)

He is Linda Keith's Father

He played Optimus Prime in Trans-creatures (2007), Trans-creatures: revenge of the Tirek (2009), Trans-creatures: dark on the moon (2011), Trans-creatures: age of extinction (2014) and Trans-creatures: the last knight (2017)

He is Leader of the Autobots



  • Dakota (Wife)
  • Red (Eldest Son)
  • Lucky (Younger Son)
  • Blisstina (Daughter)