Makuu is a crocodile from The Lion Guard

Makuu played Razoul in Nick Wildeladdin, Nick Wildeladdin 2: The Return of Cain, Nick Wildeladdin 3: The King of Thieves, and Nick Wildeladdin (TV Series)

He is a guard

Makuu played The Sheriff of Nottingham in Kion Hood

He is a wolf

Makuu played Sulley in Animals, Inc. (Davidchannel's Version) and Animals University (Davidchannel's Version)

He is a blue monster

Makuu played Yama in Big Wild Animal 6

Makuu Played Kerchak in Jackzan (1999), Jackzan II and The Legend of Jackzan (TV Series)

He is a Gorilla

Makuu played Tick-Tock in Mordecai Pan

He is a crocodilE

Makku played Brian Griffin in Family Guy (DaveGrruly)

He is a Dog

Makuu played Bruce in Finding Tod (2003)

He is a Great White Shark

Makuu will play Valka's Bewilderbeest in How to Train Your Reptile 2

He is a dragon

Makuu will play Wreck-It Ralph in Wreck-It Makuu

== Makuu will play Squidward Tentacles in The TV Show


  • Very Best Friend - Chuck (Angry Birds)


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