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Manny is a Woolly Mammoth from Ice Age.

Manny played Adult Simba in The Mammoth King

He is a Lion

Manny played Pumbaa in The Tiger King (My Version)

He is a warthog

Manny played Dr. Julius Strangepork in The Children Show (The Muppet Show)

Manny played Abu Elephant in Glennladdin, Kermiladdin, Christopher Robinladdin, and Pongoladdin

He is a Elephant

Manny played Shrek in Manny (Shrek)

He is a Ogre

Manny played SpongeBob in MannyBob MammothPants

He is a Sponge

Manny played Skipper in Madagascar (Thomas Beauregard Style)

He is a Penguin

Manny played Old Man Marley in Home Alone (FGRForever Animal Style)

Manny Played Appa in Avatar The Last Airbender Coolzdane Style

He is a Flying bison

Manny Played Rex in We're Back! An Ice Age Story

He is a Dinosaur

Manny Played Frankenstein in Hotel Transylvania (DalMatian Tunes Style), Hotel Transylvania (Amzy Yzma), Hotel Transylvania 2 (Amzy Yzma), Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (Amzy Yzma)

He is a frankenstein monster

Manny played Rafael in Rio (with Elephants)

He is a toucan

Manny played Sheriff Woody in Elephant Story

He is a cowboy doll

He played Lumiere in Beauty and the Smilodon

He is the Candle Stick

Manny played Rex in Mammal Story

He is a toy dinosaur

Manny played Kirby in The Brave Little Fox and The Brave Little Puppy

He is a Vacuum Cleaner

Manny played Aladar (Adult) in Mammoth (Dinosaur)

He is a dinosaur

Manny played Rocket in Little einsteins

He is a Rocketship sounds like a Xylophone

Manny played Hero Boy's Father in The Polar Express (Wade Agnew's elephant style)

He is a father

Manny played Pacha in The Sloth's New Groove

He is a peasant

Manny played Benny the Cab in Who Framed Devon and Cornwall the Dragons

He is a car

Manny played Solomon in Alexander's Island (Impy's Island) (Justin Quintanilla)

Manny played Little John in Diego Hood and SpongeBob Hood (TheBeckster1000's Style)

He is a bear

Manny played Joshua in The Little Drummer Mouse

He is a camel

Manny played Maggie in Home On The Range (Female Style)

He is a Cow

Manny played Heffer Wolfe (Alternate Ending) in Camp Kion

He is a Steer

Manny played Sulley in Animations, Inc. (2001) and Animations University

He is a blue monster

Manny played Colonel Hathi in The Meme Book

He is now a commander elephant