Marahute the Eagle.jpg

Marahute is an eagle from The Rescuers Down Under

Marahute Played as Carpet in Dannyladdin, Eilonwyladdin and Todladdin

She is a Magic carpet

Marahute Played as Rodan in Remilia Scarlet the Dead Princess (Ghidorah The Three Headed Monster)

Marahute Played as Naga in The Legend of Princess

She is a Polar bear dog

Marahute Played Bumblebee in Sawyerlina

Marahute Played as Eagle Sitka in Brother Lion and Brother Wolf (Davidchannel Version)

She is an eagle

Marahute played Kevin in Up (CoolZDane Style) and Up (CyberChaseZoneFilms2010 Style)

She is a bird

Marahute played Dragon in Danny (Shrek)

She is a dragon

Marahute played Sonya in Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (Chris2003 Style)

Marahute played Mother Goose in Marahute Rhymes

She is a goose

Marahute played Pteranodon in Mammoth (Dinosaur)

Marahute played Valka's Bewilderbeest in ???

Marahute played Bear Elinor in ???

She is a queen turned bear



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