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Marge Simpson is a female character from The Simpsons.


She played Mary Darling in Sonic Pan and Eric Cartman Pan

She is a mother

She played Molly in Prince Eric & Friends (Thomas & Friends)

She is a Yellow Engine

She played Queen Leah in Sleeping Emily

She is Aurora's mother

She played Sarabi in The Italian King

She is a Lioness

She Played Nala in The Simpson King

She is a Lioness

She played Mary Poppins in Marge Poppins

She is a Nanny

She played Cinderella in Margearella

She is a Maid

She played Bia in Rio (with Elephants)

She is anbird

She played Princess Jasmine in Homerladdin

She is an Arabian Princes

She played Timothy's Mother in Michael (Dumbo)

She is a Mother Mouse

She Played The Devils Wife in Hocus Pocus (brucemovies1 style)

She played Mom in Bernard's Great Adventure

Se is a Mother

She played Snow White in Marge White and the Seven Foxes

She is a princess

She played Mom in The Bernard and Pals Show

She is a Moth er


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