Beautiful girl

Mariah Wong is a beautiful young girl and she is the only female member of the White Tigers. She is also the childhood friend of Ray Kon and the younger sister of Lee Wong. She grew up in the White Tiger Village high in the mountains isolated away from society so it did not posses any modern technologies, such as computers or cell phones.

She spent most of her childhood doing her chores around town along with Gary Tan, Kevin Cheng her brother Lee and his best friend Ray whilst practicing bey blading.

In Ray and Mariah: Sealed with a Kiss she played Juliet

In Rayladdin, Rayladdin 2: The Return of Joker, and Rayladdin 3: The King of Thieves she played Princess Jasmine

She is an Arabian Princess

In Mariahstasia she played Anastasia/Anya

She is an orphan who happens to be the lost Russian Princess

In Frozen, she played Princess Anna

In The Pebble and the Beyblader she played Marina

She is the female penguin and the Hero's love interest

in Mariahontas and Mariahontas 2: Journey to a New World, she played Pocahontas

She is the Indian Princess

In Mariahlan and Mariahlan 2 she played Fa Mulan

She is the Chinese girl

In Raven and the Jack Skellaton, she played Peggy

In Wreck-It Tom, she played Chun-Li

In The Little Nekojin, The Little Nekojin: TV series, The Little Nekojin 2: Return to the Sea and The Little Nekojin: Mariah's Beginning she played Ariel

She is a mermaid Princess

In Mariahlina, she played Thumbelina

She is a tiny girl

In The Princess and the Tigger she played Tiana

She is a waitress

In The Princess and the Bad Cat she played Princess Irene

She is a princess

In Tangled she played Rapunzel

She is a princess

In The King and I, she played Tuptim

She is a servant girl

In Beauty and the Tiger, Beauty and the Tiger 2: The Enchanted Christmas and Beauty and the Tiger 3: Mariah's Magical World she played Belle

she is a villager girl

In Mariah White and the Seven Care Bears she played Snow White

She is a fair princess

In Sleeping Nekojin, she played Princess Aurora

She is a Princess under a spell

In Mariahrella Wong, Mariahrella Wong 2: Dreams Come True and Mariahrella Wong 3: A Twist in Time she played Cinderella

In The Tiger Princess, The Tiger Princess 2: Escape from Castle Mountain and The Tiger Princess 3: The Mystery of Enchanted Kingdom she played Princess Odette


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