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Marshmallow in Frozen.jpg

Marshmallow is a former villain from "Frozen".

Marshmallow played Glut The Shark in The Little Mer Ducky

He is a Shark

Marshmallow played the Rancor in Kids Wars

He is Jabba's Pet

Marshmallow played Ice Titan in Phillipcules

He is an Ice Titan

Marshmallow played the Great Animal in The Evil Dragon Princess

He is Rothbart's Transformation

Marshmallow played Genie Jafar in Br'er Fox (Aladdin)

He is a Red Genie

Marshmallow played The Cave of Wonders in Pipladdin

He is a Cave

Marshmallow played The Big Bad Wolf in The Three Young Video Game Animals

He is a wolf who wants to eat the three little pigs

Marshmallow will play Cyclops in Rockycules (Broadwaygirl918 Style)

Marshmallow played the Guard in Smashtasm (Meta527II Style)

Marshmallow will play Goldar in Power Rangers (2017; Heroes vs. Villains Style))