Marvin Glenn Simpson (born November 13, 1974) is Beverly Carson-Simpson's lovely husband

He played Prince Adam in Beauty and the Berk

He played Obi-Wan Kenobi in Live Action Star Wars


  • Father in law-Jasper Carson
  • Mother in law-Penelope Carson
  • Brothers in law-Thomas and Randolph Carson
  • Wife-Beverly Carson-Simpson
  • Sister-Melody Caruthers
  • Father-Glenn Simpson
  • Mother-Linda Simpson
  • Paternal Aunt-Patricia Simpson
  • Son-Ethan Simpson


  • Horse-Sadie


  • Beverly, Jasper, Glenn and Linda, Patricia and Melody, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Bull Riding, Minimal Wave, Synthpop, AOR music, Sci-Fi shows, Stargate, Mutant X, The Outer Limits, Adromeda, Earth: Final Conflict, Battlestar Galactica, SeaQuest: DSV, Pepsi
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