Master Shake Plays Yang Naing Lee in Rush Hour (YangandRainbowDashFans), Rush Hour 2 (YangandRainbowDashFans) and Rush Hour 3 (YangandRainbowDashFans)

Master Shake Plays Kevin Brown/Agent Kay in Men in Black (YangandRainbowDashFans Style), Men in Black II (YangandRainbowDashFans Style) and Men in Black 3 (YangandRainbowDashFans Style)

Master Shake Plays Weaver in Blue Rabbitz

Master Shake Plays Genie in Yangladdin, Yangladdin 2: The Return of Lord Shen and Yangladdin 3: The King of Thieves

Master Shake Plays James P. Sullivan in Blue Rabbits, Inc. (YangandRainbowDashFans)

He plays Cheshire Cat in Francine In Wonderland

He is a cat.

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