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Mavis Dracula (voiced by Selena Gomez as an adult in the films, Sadie Sandler as a child in the first film, Bryn McAuley in the TV series) is the only daughter of Count Dracula and Martha. She is the wife of Johnny and the mother of young Dennis. She is shown to be more open to the human world than her father, as she knows how to use technology (cell phone, video chat, email) and is excited to see the world outside Hotel Transylvania and speaks with a New York accent.

Voice Actors

  • Selena Gomez (films)
  • Bryn McAuley (TV series)

Mavis played Charlotte La Bouff in The Xiaolin Princess and The Pegasus

Mavis played Draculaura in Xiaolin High

Mavis played Ariel in The Little Vampire Girl

She is a Mermaid

Mavis played Sibella in Chip-ChipMunk and the Ghoul School

Mavis played Mindy in The OhBob BoovPants Movie

Mavis played Marlin in Finding Dennis

Mavis played Dory in Finding Phineas

Mavis played SpongeBob in MavisBob VampirePants

Mavis played Llama Kuzco in The Viking-ness' New Groove

Mavis played Jailbreak in ​​​​​​The Hybrid Movie (The Emoji Movie)

She is a Llama

Mavis played Esmeralda in The Despicable Of Norte Dame (TheTureDisneyKing Style)

He is a Gypsy Girl

Mavis played Chien Po in Owenlan and Owenlan 2

Mavis will play Alice in Mavis in Wonderland

She is the main protagonist