Max is an evil contestant on total drama

Max confessional

He played Lefou in Beauty and the Superstar Dog

He played Horace in 101 Lion cubs

He played Nuka in The person king 2

he is a lion

He played Doctor Evil in Harold Powers: The International Teenager of Mystery, Harold Powers: The Total Drama Contestant Who Kissed Me and Harold Powers In JustinMember

He is Austin Powers' Affably Evil Twin Brother.

He played Bulgy in Mike the Total Drama Contestant and friends

he is a bus

He played Doctor N.Gin in Geoff Bandicoot

He is a Mad Scientist with a Missile Accident.

He played Mr. Willard Tweedy in Animated Children Run

He is a Male Chicken Farmer and Mrs. Melisha Tweedy's Husband.

He played Mr. Smee in Mike Pan

He is Captain James Hook's Pirate Assistant and Friend.

He played Elmo St Peters in the Brave Little Macaw and the Brave Little Puppy


  • in total drama ilovecakeaj style played by Nuka
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