Max (Pokemon)

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Max (Japanese: マサト Masato) is the younger brother of May in the anime. He has not yet received a Pokémon because he is under-age, but he became one of Ash's companions and joined Ash, Brock and his sister in order to see new Pokémon in Hoenn Region.

Voice Actors:

Max played Max in Cat Tales (Luke Yannuzzi Style)

He is Emmy's 4-year old little brother.

Max played Piglet in The Many Adventures of Frosty the Snowman

He is a pig.

Max played Scrappy Doo in Ash Doo and Max Doo

He is Scooby's nephew.

Max played Donkey in Ash (Shrek)

He is a donkey.

Max played Private in Madagascar (1701Movies Style)

He is a penguin.

Max played Rod in Dinosaur King (Ooglyeye Style)

He is a child of the Alpha Gang.

Max played Aladdin in Maxladdin

He is a street rat.

Max played Sammy Tsukino in Sailor Serena (1701Movies Style), and Sailor Serena (1701Movies Style) (VIZ)

He is Serena's little brother.

Max Played Shaggy Rogers In Krypto Franchise

Max played Gus in A Baker Street in Central Park

He is Rosie's big brother.

Max Played Chip In Max 'n Shingo Rescue Rangers



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