Maya the Bee is the the main protagonist of Maya the Bee Series.


She loves freedom, living in the meadow by herself unlike other bees who live in the hive. She is good, fair, happy and willing to help everybody. She was born in a bee hive. At the beginning of the third season Beeswax wanted Maya ejected from the hive, because he was worried that other bees would copy her behaviour. The Queen of the hive dissuaded him, after Maya saved her teacher Cassandra. Maya is very adventurous, and this often causes problems. For example, Maya got lost in underground corridors. Her appearance, in contrast to other anime characters, varies. In first season her head is rounded, but in second season it is oval. In the third season she is very slim, her head is rounded and she has longer antennae. Although Maya is a bee, she has wasp colours (yellow-black). Maya is the most popular and most influential person on the meadow. Since her best friend is Willy, she does not like the spider Thekla, and dislikes Frogs (espeically Croake the Frog) and her arch-enemies of Stinger, Deez and Doz, and also Thekla.


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