Meet the Feebles (DryBoney96 Version)

Meet The

This is DryBoney96's (Me) parody of Peter Jackson's Cult Classic Meet the Feebles with various animated characters from Cartoons and Video Games.


  1. Sunset Shimmer as Heidi The Hippo
  2. Wario as Bletch The Walrus
  3. The Joker as Trevor The Rat
  4. Adagio Dazzle as Samantha The Cat
  5. Discord as Sebastian The Fox
  6. Jafar as Abi
  7. Big the Cat as Sydney The Elephant
  8. Luigi as Robert The Hedgehog
  9. Starlight Glimmer as Lucille The Poodle
  10. Sonic the Hedgehog as Harry The Rabbit
  11. Bowser as Barry The Bulldog
  12. Nabbit as Arthur The Worm
  13. Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze as Bunny Girls
  14. Squidward Tentacles as Wynyard The Frog
  15. Waluigi as Dennis The Antearter
  16. Oogie Boogie as Mr.Big
  17. Minions as Crab Goons
  18. Changelings as Vietnamese Gophers
  19. Toad (Super Mario) as Guppy
  20. Ganondorf as Cedric The Boar
  21. The Medic as Dr.Quack
  22. Meowth as F.W Fly
  23. The Soldier as Jim
  24. The Scout as 8-Ball
  25. The Pyro as Chuck
  26. Princess Peach as Dorthy
  27. Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) as Sandy The Chicken
  28. Bowser Jr. as Seymour The EleChicken
  29. Kermit the Frog as Musical Frog
  30. Jessie (Pokemon) as Wynyard's Assistant
  31. Jessica Rabbit as Madame Bovine
  32. Mojo Jojo as The Mask Masochist
  33. Dick Figures and Background Ponies as Background Characters
  34. Negaduck as Louie The Dog
  35. Gremlins as Sydney's Critters
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