TheBluesRockz's movie-spoof of Meet the TheBluesRockz's movie-spoof of Meet the Robinsons (2007).

Meet the Robinsons thebluesrtockz
Meet the Robinsons (TheBluesRockz Style) cast video

Meet the Robinsons (TheBluesRockz Style) cast video


  • Lewis - Fievel Mousekewitz (An American Tail)
  • Wilbur Robinson - Dale (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Franny Robinson - Miss Bianca (The Rescuers)
  • Grandpa Bud - Papa Mousekewitz (An American Tail)
  • Lucille Krunklehorn (aka Young/Adult Lucille) - Mrs. Brisby (The Secret of NIMH)
  • Grandma Lucille - Mama Mousekewitz (An American Tail)
  • Carl the Robot - Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Mildred - Rebecca Cunningham (TaleSpin)
  • Mike "Goob" Yagoobian - Spunky (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • The Bowler Hat Guy (Adult Mike "Goob" Yagoobian) - Fat Cat (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • DOR-15 - Herself
  • Mr. Willerstein - Sparky (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Uncle Fritz - Dr. Dawson (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Aunt Petunia - Auntie Shrew (The Secret of NIMH)
  • Cousin Laszlo - Chip (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Cousin Tallulah - Gadget Hackwrench (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Uncle Gaston - Honest John (An American Tail)
  • Uncle Art - Monterey Jack (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Aunt Billie - Mrs. Judson (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Uncle Joe - Cheddarhead Charlie (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Tiny the T-Rex - Sweetums (The Muppets)
  • Cornelius Robinson - Bernard (The Rescuers)
  • Lefty the Octopus - Crush (Finding Nemo)
  • Frankie - Orinoco (The Wombles)
  • Uncles Spike and Dimitri - Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes)
  • Buster - Scooby Doo
  • InventCo CEO - Scar (The Lion King)
  • Stanley - Zipper (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Lizzy - Cynthia Brisby (The Secret of NIMH)
  • Young/Adult Bud - Basil (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Young Franny - Olivia Flaversham (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Baby Lewis - Nibbles (Tom and Jerry)
  • Mini Doris as herself
  • Mega Doris as himself
  • Frogs - The Wombles Characters
  • Gym Coach - Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales)
  • Young Frankie - Bungo (The Wombles)
  • Boy with 'Solar System' project - Oliver (Oliver and Company)
  • InventCo Receptionist - Fuli (The Lion Guard)
  • Lewis' Birth Mother - Rosita (Sing)
  • Lucille's Father - Junior (Storks)
  • Reporter (near the end) - Red (The Angry Birds Movie)
  • Goob's Adoptive Parents - Danny and Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harrington - Alvin and Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks)



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