Megamind is the main character from the same name.

Profile - Megamind

He plays Genie in Hiccup (Aladdin) and Hiccup The Return Of The Horned King

He plays Dr. Brazzle in Hiccup and Jack Frost

He plays Timon in The Viking King

He plays Kronk (Angel) in The Robot Boy's New Groove, The Robot Boy's New Groove 2: Flint's New Groove and The Robot Boy's New School

He plays Goofy in Hiccup, Blu and Megamind: The Three Musketeers

He plays Tion Medon in Star Wars (160 Movies Style)

He plays Mr. Krabs In PrivateBob Penguinpants

He plays Tulio In The Road To El Dorado (Dragon Rockz Style)

On MegaSkipper Played By Skipper (Madagascar)

In Tigger (Megamind) he is played by Tigger


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