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Megurine Luka's Favorite Vocaloid Party Songs is a 2012 Vocaloid direct-to-video special. It was inspired by the Sesame Street direct-to-video special Big Bird's Favorite Party Games .

In the video, Megurine Luka, CRINA, Momo Momone, Agoaniki-P, Paipan-P, Hachi, Hikutsu-P, OSTER Project, and the kids get together in the Arbor to play some fun party games.

Big Bird Megurine Luka


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FRAME 1 Megurine Luka, CRINA, Momo Momone, OSTER Project, Hachi, Agoaniki-P, Hikutsu-P, Paipan-P and some kids get together in the Arbor to play some fun party games. Megurine Luka greets the viewer for the party. She ask that song to sing. Hikutsu-P suggest his "Hello World" song. CRINA wonders how to you do that song.
【 Project DIVA DT】ハローワールド 巡音ルカ【エディットPV】 sm11217924 4-38 screenshot
Song Hikutsu-P ft. Megurine Luka - ハローワールド (Hello World)
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Frame 2 +Song Megurine Luka loves that song and calls it her favorite, despite the song being underrated. Paipan-P decides to use one of his songs 温泉ざぶん (Onsen Zabun).
【MMD CUP 3】I Bought Jumping Shoes! (English annotations) 0-36 screenshot
【MMD CUP 3】I Bought Jumping Shoes! (English annotations) 0-50 screenshot
MMD Rin gets jealous of the new jumping shoes Miku has bought. So she buys them herself, when she uses them, she gets her head stuck in the upper wall from jumping and decides to try it outside.
【MMD CUP 3】I Bought Jumping Shoes! (English annotations)

【MMD CUP 3】I Bought Jumping Shoes! (English annotations)

MMD cup 8 Neru and Miku Inline skating contest! NOW HD! 0-31 screenshot
MMD Miku and Neru do a roller skating contest around the neighborhood.
MMD cup 8 Neru and Miku Inline skating contest! NOW HD!

MMD cup 8 Neru and Miku Inline skating contest! NOW HD!

【第8回MMD杯本選】VOCALOID Nendoroid Kart Racing 1-19 screenshot
MMD The nendoroid vocaloids and Utaus have a racing car game in Super Mario Kart like style.
【第8回MMD杯本選】VOCALOID Nendoroid Kart Racing

【第8回MMD杯本選】VOCALOID Nendoroid Kart Racing

Frame 2 + song Hachi requests everyone to dance to マトリョシカ (Matryoshka), in the end, they all wipe out on the floor from the song's speed.
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Project DIVA F -EDIT PV- テトテト☆インザワンダナイト 1-7 screenshot
Frame 2 cont. + song Momo Momone decides for everyone to dance to her friend Kasane Teto (and the late samfree's) song テトテト インザワンダーナイト (Teto Teto in the Wonder Night). Which everyone accepts.
Frame 2 cont. + song Agoaniki-P picks his song "Double Lariat" after explaining the meaning of the song and how to dance to it, They loved the meaning of the song.
【VOCALOIDカバー】 猫村いろは Nekomura Iroha V4 ✖ V4Flower - ANTI THE∞HOLiC 【DT Extend EDIT】 4-51 screenshot
Song ANTI THE∞HOLiC (勝手にショートVer)
ANTI THE∞HOLiC(勝手にショートVer)

ANTI THE∞HOLiC(勝手にショートVer)

ProjectDIVA extend Gravity=Reality EDIT PV 13 sm19930899 0-10 screenshot
【MMD】あぴミク改変ルカでGirls【カメラ移動・字幕無】 1-33 screenshot
Frame +3 Song Haruka Nana, and Kasane Teto make an unexpected appearance at the last minute, suggesting to everyone to dance to samfree's Gravity Reality song.
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Frame 3 cont. |After the party, Agoaniki-P asks Megurine Luka what's her favorite song from today's list, but she isn't so sure. She then asks if they can do them all again, making everyone giggle.


  • Rin's jealously over the jumping shoes
  • Miku and Rin roller-skate race
  • Nendroid Kart Racing
  • ANTI THE∞HOLiC (勝手にショートVer)


  • Hello World
  • Onsen Zabun
  • Matryoshka
  • Teto Teto in the Wonder Night
  • Double Lariat
  • Gravity=Reality


  1. Big- Bird (Megurine Luka)
  2. CRINA
  3. telly -Momo Momone
  4. Bob- Agoaniki-P
  5. Luis- Hachi
  6. Susan-Paipan-P
  7. Gina-OSTER project
  8. honker Kasane Teto
  9. dinger Haruka Nana
  10. Hikutsu-P


Plot- Megurine Luka gang are having a party on Sesame Street and they play a lot of games. (Hachi, Agoaniki-P, Hikutsu-P, and Paipan-P are all there)

As everyone sets up decorations for a party in the arbor area, Luka wonders what game to play first. Hikutsu-P suggests Luka to sing the "Hello World" song (which Luka says it's one of her own favorites despite being underrated.). Gina leads them in a song and they all clap, snap and tap at the appropriate times in the song. Then Susan leads them in another song. (the lyrics go roughly like this- "Point your fingers to the ground, roll your hands over, reach up high and fly." Everyone does the motions along with the song.)

*Classic Clip- Ernie and Bert play a game of "Follow the Arrows". (Unfortunately this clip is truncated as it ends after Bert sees the audience at the end of the game. In the original full clip, Ernie's about to take the arrows down, but then Bert stops him because he wants to play the game again.)

On the street, Oscar invites Telly to play a game of "Oscar Says". Oscar gets Telly out a couple of times but is feeling benevolent so he lets Telly stay in, along with the kids at home. (I'm sure he only said this for the kids' benefit.) And of course, Oscar tricks Telly by saying, "Oscar says, 'Dump confetti on Telly.' " and of course, it magically happens. He does this twice and then Telly wants to play "Telly Says". Oscar objects because he thinks Telly will try to dump confetti on him. Telly promises he won't. While playing "Telly Says"- Telly says "Dump confetti on Telly", which leaves Oscar stymied because he can't dump confetti on Telly or he'll lose. He does it anyway though, and says it was worth it! 

*Classic clip- "The Remembering Game" with your host, Guy Smiley! Contestants are Mr. Bill Smith and Cookie Monster! (Again, this clip is slightly truncated because as the clip fades and the arbor area comes back into view, you can still hear Guy Smiley's voice trailing off.)

(You can compare it with this video here, if you like.

-Luis then leads everyone in singing "Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" -Telly then suggests "Wheels on the Bus" and they form a bus out of the boxes so they can sit in "the bus" and sing the song. Bob then leads them in "The Cabin in the Woods" song. (By the way, this is the same song Rowlf sang on the "It's Not Easy Being Green" video- a 1993 music video of Muppet songs)

*Classic clip- Grover talks about his shadow and then sings a song about it. (As far as I can tell, this one does seem to be the full thing.)

-The Dinger and Honker then join the party. (Possibly the Honker is Homer? Looks like him anyway) (Big Bird says he can speak Ding and Honk, so he translates) Together they all play "Stop." When the Dinger dings, everyone pretends to be swimming or a monster or a bird (according to the song they're singing) and at the honk everyone freezes and stops. After this, Agoaniki-P asks Luka what her favorite song is and she thinks and then says she doesn't know, and asks if they can play them all over again, garnering the expected groans and laughs and then the video ends. 

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