Melvin Butler
Gurio Umino Crystal-0

Gurio Umino in Sailor Moon Crystal

Melvin Butler (海野ぐりお Gurio Umino) is a reoccurring character in Sailor Moon. He is a student at Crossroads Junior High and friend of Molly Baker and Serena Tsukino.

Voice Actors:

  1. Roland Parliament (DIC) - English
  2. Benjamin Diskin (VIZ) - English
  3. Keiichi Nanba - Japanese
  4. Daiki Yamashita - Japanese
  5. Genaro Vásquez - Spanish
  6. Mark Lesser - French
  7. Itan Grinberg - Hebrew

Melvin played Ritchie in Pokemon (Ooglyeye Style)

Mevlin Played Rob In The Longneck Little Toaster (397Movies Style)

Melvin Played Shaggy Rogers In Scooby Doo for 1961Movies Spoof

He Played George Shrinks In Melvin Shrinks

He Played Basil of Baker Street In The Great Melvin De

He Played Alvin Smith In Darien and the Teenagers

He Played Max Taylor In Dinosaur King (143Movies Human Style)

He Played Satoshi In Pokemon (161Movies Style)

He Played Dr Vindaloo In Simon the Cowardly Chipmunk

He Played Detective In Who Framed Simon Seville

he is a Grumpy Detective



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