He is a Character from "Gay-Purr-ee".

Meowrice played Darth Vader in Star Wars (Hiatt Grey Animal Style)

Meowrice played Steele in Gumball (Balto)

Meowrice played Fat Cat in Courage and Scooby Rescue Rangers

Meowrice played Talking Santa in Adin Floro of Talking Friends (Quick Draw's is Back Style)

Meowrice played James in Pokemon (Chris1702 Animal Style)

Meowrice played Palpatine/Darth Sidious in Star Wars (180 Movies Style)

He is a sith lord

Meowrice played Gumbo in Gumball (Chowder)

Meowrice played Discord (Bad) in My little Human: Friendship is Magic

He is a Draconequus

Meowrice will play Hawk Moth in Miraculous Ladybug: Homecoming

He will be a super villain.



  • Wife-Katty Katswell
  • Father-Claudandus
  • Mother-Isis
  • Son-Dark Gumball
  • Daughter in Law-Delilah
  • Brother in Law-Fat Cat
  • Sister in Law-Felicia
  • Grandfather-Pom Pom
  • Grandmother-Lucifer
  • Sister-Muriel-Fluffy
  • Brother in Law-
  • Niece-
  • Uncle-Cat R. Waul
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