Merrick is a rail-based travelling gantry crane, who is stationed at the Blue Mountain Quarry.


In Blue Mountain Mystery, when Blondin Bridge was unsafe, Merrick warned the engines that Rheneas was coming down from the upper terrace, and would have to cross the bridge with loaded trucks. When Thomas asked him if he had seen a little green engine, he quickly answered that he had not. Later, he congratulated Luke for saving Thomas.

In the seventeenth season, Luke tried to get him and the other engines at the quarry to be quiet in order to not frighten Luke's deer, but Merrick told him that there was no way they could do their jobs properly if they were trying to be quiet.


Merrick is a sleepy gantry crane who works at the Blue Mountain Quarry. When there is no work to do, he is usually found snoring away, which can sometimes be heard loudly around the quarry, often to the amusement of the engines and workmen. But as soon as there is work to be done, Merrick is cheerily bustling about, wide awake once again, and working hard, ready to swing his hook into action to load an engine's trucks with blocks of slate so that they can head over the Blondin Bridge to the cutting sheds. When he is awake, he is attentive, merry, and will often wish the engines a good morning.


Merrick is painted vermilion with yellow and gold accents. He has gold nameplates on both sides of his cab.


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  • Merrick was to be included in graphic form in the Take-n-Play set Spiral Tower Tracks with Diesel but was removed for unknown reasons.


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