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Michael Darling in Peter Pan

Michaelcules Played as Hercules

He is a god

Bubblesrella Played as Prince Charming

He is a prince

Sleeping Bubbles Played as Prince Philip

He is a prince

Bubbleslina Played as Prince Coreneilus

He is a fairy

Michaeladdin Played as Aladdin

He is a street rat

The Many Adventures of Nutty the Squirrel Played as Roo

He is a kangaroo

The Secret of NIMH (Nikkdisneylover8390 Human Style) Played as Timmy Brisby

He is a rodent

Michaelocchio Played as Pinocchio

He is a wooden puppet

The Friend Book (My Version) Played as Mowgli

He is a man cub

Michael Darling (Arthur) Played as Arthur

He is an Eight-Year Old Aardvark.

Marie’s Clues (WeLoveAnimation Style) Played as Cinnamon

He is a Paprika’s younger brother

Old Manjula Played as Arliss

He is Travis's younger brother and Old Yeller's owner



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