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Mike Chilton is the leader of the Burners. He drives Mutt.


Mike is an average 6'0"; olive complexion with dark brown hair that is slightly long in the back and long enough bangs for his eyes to peek through. Mike's attire resembles a relaxed version of his cadet uniform. A plain white t-shirt tucked into brown pants with a black belt, dark brown boots, and a black jacket with orange accents and Burner emblem on the right sleeve.

His former Cadet Uniform is a standard short sleeve, light-blue button-up shirt with a long white undershirt and matching trousers with a long, white stripe that runs down continuously on the left side and tied together with a black belt.

Many fans assumed that Mike wore dark brown loafers but it was later revealed that he wears dark brown cowboy boots. (how fitting.)


Mike is a cool-headed, quick-witted 17-year-old. He's incredibly reckless but also adaptable. Mike's thirst for action can sometimes cloud his better judgment and place the Burners [mostly himself] in danger. However, Mike always seems to have a "Plan B" for just about every situation and would do everything in his power to keep his fellow Burners safe.


Due to his military background, Mike is very knowledgeable on most of the technology in Kane's arsenal, an expert in hand-to-hand combat but his specialty is using his trusty Spark Staff.

Mike is also a skilled driver who can drive just about anything. But his biggest thrill is pulling off, death-defying stunts throughout the city with the help of his souped-up ride.


  • Robert Valley was one of the character designers on the show. Inspiring Mike's rebel design from the Gorillaz bass guitarist, Murdoc.
  • His surname "Chilton" is a reference to a series of car repair manuals.
  • When the show was canceled, at the courtesy of Chris P., POM shared (more like teased) with fans Mike's "estranged older sister", Capri Chilton.[1] However, it's likely that she was merely a fan-inspired character rather a potential canon character. Forever a mystery.
  • Mike wears orange briefs.[2]
  • Mike Chilton's voice actor, Reid Scott, was offered another role to voice, Turbo, a spin off Netflix series Turbo F.A.S.T. from the Dreamworks movie "Turbo

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