Milli (born January 9, 2004) is a character of Team Umizoomi. She can make pattern with her dress, make her ponytails grow and she can also fly.

Milli played Gingy in Sunset Shimmerek movies

Milli played Shorty 1 in Pony Tale

Milli played Genie in Rinladdin, Rinladdin: The Return of Shao Kahn, Rinladdin: The Queen of Thieves and tv series

Milli played Bully in Sunset Doo 2: Villain Unleashed

Milli played Happy in Susan Hurley White and the 7 Super Girls

Milli played Abu in AJ Leeladdin

Milli played Phil in AJ Leecules

Milli played Susan in Little Girl Heroes vs Big Boy Villains

Milli played Aladdin in Mlliladdin, Milliladdin: The Return of Shroob, Milliladdin: The Tiny Princess of Theives

Milli played Hercules in Millicules

Milli played Backpack in Sticks the Explorer

She is a purple backpack


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