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Milly is one the main characters in Rosemary Hills.

Voice Actors:

  1. Cathy Cavadini - English
  2. Kotono Mitsuishi - Japanese
  3. Leyla Rangel - Latin Spanish
  4. Mar Bordallo - European Spanish
  5. Kim Jalabert - Canadian French
  6. Alexandra Corréa - European French
  7. Shandra Schadt - German
  8. Tatiane Keplmair - Brazilian Portuguese
  9. Barbara Lourenco - European Portuguese
  10. Ludovica De Caro - Italian
  11. Birgitte Simonsen - Danish
  12. Elina Raeder- Swedish
  13. Beata Wyrąbkiewicz - Polish


Her appearance is shown for brown hair and eyes, a black t-shirt that bares her belly button (similar to Flannery from Pokemon), blue jeans, and shoes.



A Beautiful Day at Rosemary-Land:

  • My name is Milly Aniston. My job is to protect Rosemary-Land safe from evil (first words.)

Christmas in Rosemary-Land:

  • I'm not a lesbian like YOU! (She breaks Valora's spell as she breaks Valora's laser gun in pieces.)

Can't Beat the Laser with Laser:

  • Oh, that feels really good. This is a great idea. (She is brainwashed by Valora's machine, and is under control of Valora.)

Milly in the Nature Valley:

  • (Emmy: When I grow up, I'm gonna be a leader, just like--) If I told you once, I told you a thousand times-- (Emmy: Milly! Look out!) (Milly's friends crash into her.)

Nasty Rotten Pants:

  • Oh, John, I knew you'd see it my way. (she kisses John's cheek for John agreeing with her.)
  • Well, I say we kindly go back to that house, gently go inside, then drag that man out by his nasty rotten pants! ((John and Tevin Gasp): Milly!) I've had it! No more wimping out! Let's shake that man till he rots!

Milly's Christmas Stories:

  • (Jacquimo: Why so down, Milly?) Well, I wanted to throw a party making a merry Christmas to everyone, but my good buddy, Tevin is missing out. (Jacquimo: Now, Milly, the Christmas spirit doesn't come from a party. It comes from sharing the holidays with family and friends. And it seems to me that Tevin has the best friend anybody could want in you.) Gee, I guess you're right. And I all I wish is for everybody to have a Merry Christmas, even that humbug Tevin. (Jacquimo: Well, haven't you ever wished upon a star? Your dreams just may come true.) Gosh. I wish that home or away, with family or friends, whether you have the fanciest decorations or the humblest little tree, that-- that everybody could have the Christmas spirit. (comforted by Jacquimo)

Bring in the Fakes:

  • Valora, I beg you. Put the boy down, and I'll give you my wedding ring. (Valora: What are you talking about?) You don't think I'd keep my real wedding ring out fir anybody could steal, do you? (Valora: You mean this is a fake?) Personally, I wouldn't give you a diamond for that ring. (Valora: Very well. We will trade. This kid for that ring.) (she makes a deal with Valora)

The King of Rosemary-Land:

  • How dare you attack me and my family! (She kicks Team Rocket) How dare you attack the man I love! (She kicks Team Rocket again) How dare you!

Rosemary Hills 7: A Rosemary Land Life:

  • Dreader is not gonna find out. We're gonna hide all this and pretend it never happened. You guys were never here, so I demand you to leave. (deceived by Morton)

A Scare-Tacular Standing:

  • Emmy, I thought weren't gonna jump in Elaine's arms. (Emmy: I'm sorry, Milly. I had no choice.) (as she forgot what she told Emmy.)
  • Milly Aniston runs from nothing! (she stands up to Zora.)

A Good Pill to Swallow:

  • (Zora: So what if we don't have a juice? We've got Milly's friend, Emmy, and she's totally in love with me.) (Morty: Oh, yeah.) I think Milly's feelings might have changed. (Zora and her henchmen look at Emmy who glares at Zora) (Zora: Don't tell me Emmy's back to normal.) I'm afraid so. Kiss 'em goodbye, Emmy! (she orders Emmy to blast Zora and her henchmen off with a hockey stick.)

A Wonderful Thanksgiving Festival:

  • Don't worry, Emmy. I'm gonna win this game. (she kisses Emmy's cheek.)

Romantic for Fantastic:

  • (Serena Tsukino: We're coming, buddy!) No, you stop Zora and her henchmen! I'll rescue Pepe! (she tells her friends to stop Zora from hurting Pepe.)

Rosemary Hills 8: Mewtwo Strikes Back:

  • Hungry. Need food. (John: Oh, Milly, you didn't do a thing all day!) I'm too weak to work, John. I didn't eat since breakfast. (she is too tired to work.)
  • (Wendy: There she is!) (Charlie: Emmy! Milly's friends! They're okay!) (Emmy: Milly, are you alright?) Yes. I'm fine. (she was survived the attack.)

Rosemary Hills 9: The Ghoul School:

  • (Mina: You don't mean Brenda?) Yeah, she's toughest nail's Frankenstein's monster. (Paula Schaeffer: And Sammy?) Sure, she's the gang's fun-loving ghost. (Sandra: Not Tessa and Kelly, too?) Exactly. She's the cute mummy and a werewolf who howls. And Tina, she was kidnapped. (Tevin: Tina? The Thornwood Girls are in trouble? Whoa! Oh, this is awful. They're kidnapped. What do we do now?) (she explained about the Thornwood girls were kidnapped.)

A Swimming Contest Debut:

  • Your-- Your hair! (she is shocked at Penny's new appearance)

Rosemary Hills 10: Milly in Tokyo:

  • Hold it! How many times did I tell you not to bring in pets? (she angrily chastises her son.)